The Cars

Car Description

A UK Modified car is built using a fabricated tubular and/or box section frame, fairly lightweight in design but offers full protection to the driver, the car has fully adjustable suspension all round and all cars have 13" wheels, the formula mainly uses second hand circuit racing tyres which are cheap and plentiful

Engines are from large CC motorbikes and are of 4 cylinder design, from all the major Japanese manufacturers, this makes engine parts and even spare engines easy to come by, they run with fuel injection, the engine uses its bike gearbox which is sequential and the engine/gearbox assembly is mounted lengthways at the front of the car, where the sprocket would be on a bike engine is now where the propshaft to the rear axle fixes to, these cars therefore do not have reverse gear, clutch is from the bike and a conventional clutch pedal is used. 

Braking is via disc brakes and is fully adjustable with brake bias controls, left foot braking is common in this type of race car.

The body is made from aluminium sheet metal, most panels are fairly flat making replacement easy and cheap, the long rear side panels are excellent for signage, entry and exit to the car is via an externally opening hatch in the roof section